Jim Stumpf of Business Advisory Group Talks About Helping Businesses Grow

We got a great presentation this week from Jim Stumpf, president of Business Advisory Group, where he talked about how he helps his clients. Business Advisory Group is a multifaceted coaching firm created to assist individuals and businesses owners who are seeking to maximize today’s exciting world of entrepreneurship.

Jim Stumpf, president of Business Advisory Group

Below, Jim explains how Business Advisory Group works with it’s clients.

Business Advisory Group

Together we will develop customized options, and plans, that will give you the power to stop questioning yourself and your business decisions.

For the past 11 years I’ve help many individuals explore business ownership as a new career path. The second rewarding aspect of my business has been working with business owners on developing a clear vision to running a successful business by maximizing income, lifestyle, and wealth.

There are many dangers and roadblocks facing business owners as they strive to grow their business, extensive research has exposed several business dangers that are affecting most businesses today.

  • Poor financial management
  • In adequate business & marketing planning
  • Ineffective human capital management
  • Week and underperforming revenue generation & sales management
  • General lack of leadership & communication

Business Advisory Group will assist you with gaining the clarity you need to build a vision for your whole life, and business – by developing a plan together to get there!

So What Can We Do for You?

  1. Designing the business and life you really want
  2. Building your team
  3. Aligning your employees with your vision
  4. Strengthening your core business systems
  5. Continuously refining your business
  6. Preparing for your next breakthrough

Add Jim & Other Trustworthy Professionals to Your Business Network Arsenal

If you’d like to learn more about Business Advisory Group and how they can help your business, or if you’d like to connect with Jim and other trusted professionals, contact us to see if BRN is a good fit for you.

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